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Say goodbye to wireless blackspots and keep the whole family online-happy with FibreNest's smart Wi-Fi system

We know how important high quality, reliable, whole home Wi-Fi is.

That's why with FibreNest's mesh-capable Wi-Fi system, additional nodes can be placed around the home to extend the strength of coverage to where it's needed most.

Your first node and bracket are provided free of charge with your broadband subscription and will typically be installed in your lounge TV area. How far the wireless signal will reach around the home will depend on many factors, including the size of your property, physical obstructions, furniture and interference from other household electrical appliances.

The further you are from your node, the lower the signal strength will be and the more likely it is that your devices won't achieve your maximum speed.

By adding additional nodes to your system, you can be sure to make the most of your broadband subscription on every device, in every room.

Additional nodes are £88 each to purchase

Work out how many nodes you’ll need
by using our configurator tool.

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Typical number of nodes required to provide whole-home coverage

Buy additional nodes for your Wi-Fi system

Additional Nodes

Each node you add to your system will increase your Wi-Fi range and help ensure you achieve the maximum speed in every room.


£88.00 one off payment

+ £9.99 delivery