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Press Release

No annual FibreNest broadband price rise for the third year running

FibreNest, the ultrafast, full-fibre broadband provider is freezing its prices for the third year running. The move comes at a time when many other broadband suppliers are planning significant hikes on the basic cost of broadband this year.

FibreNest delivers unlimited full-fibre internet across the UK primarily to new Persimmon homes, although last year it started expanding its national network to also cover existing underserved properties. The service was launched three years ago in response to customer frustration at other providers' repeated delays in connecting their new homes as well as guaranteeing full-fibre speeds once online.

Liam Ronan, FibreNest Managing Director said: "At a time when others are raising their prices by as much as 10 per cent, the business is pleased to continue to provide customers with what is in effect a real terms price cut."

"Utility costs are rising for everyone. The increase in energy bills is well documented and so too is the huge number of people now working from home who rely on excellent online connectivity. I am delighted therefore that we have chosen not to introduce an annual price increase for the third year running."

"We launched FibreNest three years ago to ensure our customers could be assured of a better broadband service and guaranteed value as part of their decision to purchase a Persimmon home. Many are first time buyers and we fully understand what a big decision and financial commitment this can be. Our price guarantee means that FibreNest's customers will never pay more for the same speed package than with the UK's largest broadband provider."

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