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Making a complaint

We are committed to providing an excellent level of service and want every customer to have the best experience they can.

If you have a query or are in any way dissatisfied with the level of service you have received or are receiving, please contact our Customer Support team. We will do whatever we can to resolve the matter and will always try to address any issues or concerns at first contact.

Customer Service Team: on 0333 234 2220

We promise to review all concerns as fast as possible. The illustration below shows how you can get access to the support you need and how our complaints procedure works.

  1. We'll try to resolve any problems or concerns as quickly as we can. If we can't resolve your issue straight away, we'll let you know how long we think it will take us.
  2. If you're not satisfied with our response, you may raise a formal complaint. You can raise a formal complaint at any time - but we'd like to think we can put things right before you feel the need to do this. Please let our Customer Support team know if you'd like to make a formal complaint. We will try and resolve all complaints within 8 weeks.
  3. If you're unhappy with how your complaint is being handled, you can escalate it at any time. Our management team will investigate your complaint and the action taken to date to determine the quickest and most effective way of resolving it for you.
  4. If you're still not happy, you can refer your complaint to the Ombudsman Service. The Ombudsman is an Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) scheme for you to take your complaint to if you don't feel we've handled it correctly or provided a satisfactory solution. The Ombudsman will review the complaint and make an independent decision on how the complaint was handled and, if necessary, specify if any action is required by either party thereafter. This service is free of charge.
  5. Once your problem or concern has been resolved and you're happy, we'll close your complaint. You'll need to confirm that you're happy for the complaint to be closed and we will try to contact you in order to do this. If we've tried to get hold of you but have been unsuccessful for more than 28 days, we will deem that you are happy for the complaint to be closed and will close it as such.

We want our customers to find it easy to engage with us. If there is any particular way that we can do this for you, just let us know.

For example, you might require this Code in a different format, or you may want to appoint a third party to be the primary point of contact for any discussions on your behalf - including making a formal complaint.

We also have a Vulnerable Persons' Policy that helps those with additional needs or circumstances access our products, services and support.

Whatever it is, please let us know and we will be happy to help.

You can make a formal complaint at any time, even if you have not contacted our Customer Support team previously.

You can submit your formal complaint by completing the following online form.

Alternatively, you can raise your formal complaint via one of the following methods:

These are the steps that we will follow to resolve your issue:

Online form, email or post: We will review the information you have provided and forward this on to the relevant department(s). An appropriate member of staff will then attempt to contact you, probably by phone in the first instance. If a phone call is not an appropriate form of communication, please let us know when making your complaint and advise us on the best way for you to be contacted.

Phone: Our Customer Support team will discuss the complaint with you and will do all they can to resolve your problem or concern during this call. Where this isn't immediately possible, we may agree a further course of action with you.

We aim to acknowledge all complaints within 48 hours: However, if at any point you are unhappy with the way in which your complaint is being handled, please contact us again using any of the methods above and request that your complaint is escalated to a Manager. If the Manager is available, they will speak to you to try to resolve the matter. If not, we will agree a time by when you will receive a call from the Manager or a response in the method requested when you raised your initial complaint.

We aim to acknowledge all escalated complaints within 48 hours: As part of any investigation and in addressing any complaint you make, we will inform you in writing about the outcome within 7 working days of the investigation ending.

If after 8 weeks we cannot arrive at a mutually agreeable resolution, we will send you an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) letter explaining your right to refer your complaint to the Ombudsman Service.

The Ombudsman Service will make an independent decision based entirely on the merits of the complaint. This service is available free of charge. More information on the Ombudsman Service is available on its website

The Ombudsman Service can be contacted at any of the following methods:

Although outside of our complaints procedure, you may also wish to contact the Citizen's Advice Consumer Service for independent, impartial and free advice. More information is available on its website at

Citizen's Advice can be contacted by telephone as follows:

We will retain certain data about any complaint you make for 12 months. This data will include the date which the complaint was received, a description of what the complaint was about, all communications between us and the dates which the complaint was resolved and closed.

You can request a PDF of this Complaints Code by emailing

This document was updated in March 2022 and was correct at the time of publication.