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Up to 500Mb, totally unlimited, full fibre optic broadband

Your home, better connected for a brighter future

With more data-hungry devices in our homes than ever before, our 100% all-fibre network, lets you download films, catch-up on your favourite TV shows, stream music, play games and stay in touch with loved ones - all at the same time.

Plus, with the FibreNest Price Guarantee, you’ll never pay more for the same speed package than with the UK’s largest broadband provider.

How our packages compare

Estimated download times based on download type and maximum download speed offered

Broadband package comparison with estimated download times
500Mb 250Mb 125Mb 75Mb 20Mb 10Mb
One album
(12 songs)
1.2 seconds
2.4 seconds
3.6 seconds
7.1 seconds
24 seconds
53.3 seconds
5-minute video
0.3 seconds
0.7 seconds
1.4 seconds
2.3 seconds
8.8 seconds
17.7 seconds
1hr TV Show
17.7 seconds
35.5 seconds
71 seconds
118.5 seconds
440 seconds
888 seconds